Stone Farking Wheaton w00t Stout: The geekiest beer in the world

Stone Farking Wheaton w00t Stout!

Enjoyed this beer last night with my buddy Drew. It was brewed under an interesting collaboration between actor Wil Wheaton (yes, Sheldon’s enemy on Big Bang Theory), creator Drew Curtis, and Stone CEO/Founder Greg Koch.

Coming in at 13% alcohol and 65 IBU, this intense imperial stout was brewed with rye, wheat, and pecans and 25% aged in bourbon barrels.

This beer was awesome drank fresh, and at 13% it’s a very good candidate for cellaring. I’d suggest buying at least 2 bottles and throwing one in a dark, cool place for a year or two.

Watch this video for more info, and to see how Wil Wheaton feels about beer geeks:

Here’s my review:

Appearance- Pours a dark brown, nearly black body with a 1″ mocha colored head that reduces fairly quickly and leaves little lacing. 4.25

Smell- You definitely have to let this one warm up to get some good aromas. Chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and subtle bourbon aromas come through. 4.25

Taste- Upfront it’s roasty with bitter baker’s chocolate and coffee notes but at the same time has a sweetness that shows in the follow through. The bourbon is subtle but definitely present, adding vanilla and butterscotch notes. The finish is somewhat nutty and roasty.

Mouthfeel- Let it warm and it thickens up. Very rich. Very little alcohol detected, which is good considering it’s 13% alcohol.

Overall I was pretty impressed with w00t stout. The bourbon really gave this one an edge over Stone’s traditional Russian Imperial stout. Seek it out .

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