Session Time with Founders!


Quiz: Which seasonal Founders beer has around the same alcohol content as Bud Light but packs 100x the flavor?

Hint: You probably just scrolled past a photograph of it.

Still haven’t figured it out? Then you should probably get your vision checked. The correct answer is Founders All Day IPA of course! Coming in at a modest 4.7% alcohol, this tasty brew packs the flavor of a great IPA but won’t get you trashed while you’re shootin’ the back 9, or laying on the beach, or giving your dog a bath,  or.. whatever you like to do when the sun’s a-shining.

All Day IPA is considered to be a “Session Beer”, which can be loosely defined as a beer with a lower alcohol content (typically <5%) and a high level of drinkibility, while still maintaining a good amount of flavor and balance. They’re perfect summer beers, which is why I polished a 6-pack of this stuff over the weekend without thinking twice. Here’s my review:

Overall Rating: 4.04/5

look: 3.75 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4.25

Poured from a 12 oz bottle into a snifter. $9.99/6 pack

A- Pours a crystal clear golden orange body with a medium white head that reduces quickly and leaves little lacing.

S- Pretty fruity, smells like citra hops – citrus, mango, pineapple, some pine.

T- The notes here are subtle but tasty – the hop character reveals some tropical, grassy, and citrus zest notes. Not very bitter, nicely balanced.

M- Thinnish body with medium carbonation. Definitely refreshing and sessionable.

I like everything about this beer but the price. It’s definitely a great brew to drink on a summer afternoon, but at 4.7% alcohol, a 6 pack isn’t going to last you nearly as long as a higher abv 6-pack of the same price range. Price aside, recommendable.

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